Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November is here

It is totally crazy that November is already here.  Do you have anything special planned for this month ? This is the time of year I want to cook and sleep and hibernate and I live in San Diego were its warm. I used to live in Colorado and I really looked forward to winter just for that warm cozy feeling it brought with it and that way really cold.
This weekend I am running  the Mount Laguna Marathon. I love this run it is so pretty this time of year. This run will be as close as I will get to the experiencing fall here in California. The leaves are changing color up in the mountains. It usually takes me about 5:30 hours to run it. It is not easy but it is not hard . I am looking forward to seeing the gang talking and hanging out. The marathon starts later than most 7am and that's great because we roll the clocks forward on Sunday. The drive is about an hour an half so that gives me plenty of time to get in the mood.
This weekend is also the Lottery for Western States. I will be putting in my name and its really exciting to have these dreams to chase after. I know I already ran it but it was the best experience ever. I hope you started of the month well and if not everyday is a good day to start over.. Sending you blessings
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