Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy 2017

I am spending tonight finishing up my 2016 family album and my December daily album. All my kids are home and I am feeling content. My sister in law and my sister and my nieces and nephews have been making it a point to hang out together. We went ice skating last week. Since my little sister left us earlier this year we have been making effort to just be together more. In 2016  my hope is to leave behind judgment and bring in acceptance into my being. I want to continue to grow and create and run. To nourish my soul by taking time to stop. Practicing yoga is slowly teaching me to slow down and breath. I hope to continue this practice as much as possible. My word for 2016 is Love . I know this sound corny but I am going to work on loving more. Letting those around me know I love them and showing my love. Loving myself more and practicing gentle love.
I want to end the year by thanking you for reading my blog and joining me in this space .
Happy New Year !!
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