Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The year of Growth

Happy Tuesday , The beginning of a good story always gets me really excited . starting the year over brings me joy. Here I am 44 year old mother of 4. A wife and a runner a sister and a daughter. This are all the words or titles I think I hold. Oh wait I am also a good friend. This year I am excited to continue learning . Taking classes and using my knowledge to grow.
One of the areas I want to grow in is running. The thing that is true about running these long distances is the more you run these races the more you learn about yourself . What your capable of and what your body can handle. I started of the year by going to this crazy body pump class. OMG I thought I would die. It was really fun we played a dice game and worked out for an hour. I loved it I can't move today but that is okay. I got a great run in the last two days and I know if I just keep this up it can only help me move in the right direction.
I also want to be a better mom. In brain storming with my kids we decided on having more date nights. I also signed up for some parenting classes. How to bring more Joy to your family. It can't hurt.
One of the areas of my life that need work is building a better relationship with my sister. I get that family is forever so this Thursday is our first date night for 2017. 

I never want to stop growing or moving in the right direction.
Hope you have an awesome day.

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