Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekends are for running

Our Saturday run was so much fun. We meet at Lake Hodges and went out for 14 miles. The mountains are always so pretty after a week of rain. Everything was a green and just looked clean. 
A-lot of us showed up and I love it when the group gets together. Lots of great runners in this picture. The longer distances seem shorter when you have friends to talk to and catch up with. It was 40 something when we started but it quickly warmed up.
I came home took a shower and then the family and I went to go see Isabella perform. She was awesome so happy to be acting. 
Then Sunday my dad and I went Oceanside to run. We went out for 10 miles the day was perfect. So beautiful. I felt great and it was an easy 10 miles. I am always surprised by what my body can do. It just keeps going. That put me at 65 running miles for the week. I am hoping to just keep this pace up as I train for SD100. 

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