Sunday, January 22, 2017

From the Ocean to the streets

Saturday was a full day.I got up at 5 am and tried to be out the door by 6am. I noticed I needed gas and that my big water bottle was empty( thank you jack) so I barely made it on time to our run (I need to plan ahead) but lucky for me I knew the route and joined them a mile into there run.We had a great run along the Ocean from Mission Bay to La Jolla shores and back. The group ran 16 I ran 14. That puts me at 65 miles of running for the week and 78 miles including walking.I left our run at 10:30 so I could be be home by 11 am and 

marching with my daughter by 11:30. I thought we would be late but we got there 10 minutes before they started . We found a place  to stand and I felt like  I was right where I was supposed to be. I was choked. I could hear my daughter chanting Human rights are woman's right.  I never really felt like I needed to get involved and I never felt scared but that has changed .  My daughters and I have chosen to volunteer and be involved. I will do this with peace and love leading me.  I will pray for the new president he needs it. 
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