Friday, November 17, 2017

November days

This is me the month of November. Nothing really big or exciting just day by day simple Joys. These are the things that fill my brain and some sweet memories I will hold close to me. I am working on my December daily and this project is one I really love. It makes me want to plan dates with my loved ones in the month of December and somehow this project of collecting stories of my life it makes it brighter and more sparkly. I am also taking
Ali Edwards class that goes along with this project and its really gets you creative juices moving.
My kids are all taking music lessons and the house seems happier with so many instruments being played. Even though there not great I love the noise they make. The funny thing is I don't really care how good they are . I stand in the hall listening and its perfect to me. Life is moving so quickly that I keep thinking about getting a tattoo that says BE HERE. The days are long but the years are short. I don't want to miss it.
Oh Frida I think about her all the time. I love that she never gave a fuck what anyone thought of her awesomeness..
Oh I found a pink egg and quickly made brownies from scratch with it so it would taste extra yummy.
My running is off right now. These months suck for me. I am off so I make myself run at least 5 miles 6 days a week. This week was different because I had serious dental work done. As I type this I have 7 stitches in my mouth. (oouucchh)  I still ran 5 miles today slow but I just don't want to lose my running mojo You know what I mean.
Then there was a friends giving I went to that was a blast. I love my running friends there my bestest peeps. I even played Jenga
That is me right now. A little bit of this and that and I gotta love it!
Wishing you a full rich weekend with your loved ones. 

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