Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Challenging myself and creating balance

In everything I do I try to find the balance . That is my word for 2018 and this is my goal. I am in a new space and I think it's called getting older and being more mature. I am taking the One little word class by Ali Edwards and it feels different to me this time. I am doing all the work and I am really getting into it. The planning and making goals for this year.
One of my goals is  I am trying to make a habit of  getting on the mat everyday. I feel I could really use it. The time to slow down and the physical part has to help with all the running. I do adore the way I feel after I go to yoga class. I am going to explore this new little challenge and hopefully learn and grow. Jack goes to yoga so he will probably be joining me.

I started the this month off with the Goal of running 30 days straight. Let me start by saying my shortest run has been 5 miles and my longest 18. I am running anywhere from a 8:30 min pace to 13 min pace. It all depends .....
So checking in on day 7. I am tired and my legs are tired but what I am struggling with is how much my brain is just not wanting to go for a run. I kinda love this because this is the challenge right ??
I am in a crappy head space and it is up to me to change that. This is my favorite part because it is going to teach me discipline and hopefully during my next ultra I will be able to tap into whatever it is that I get from this challenge. This is just a me trying to push myself to grow. Having a fit bit really helps too...

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