Thursday, February 1, 2018

With Positive Attitude I move forward

Happy February- The last month flew by and I don't really feel I got a chance to start over so I am using this month as my goal setting month. I also chose my word for the year and this word chose me. I feel like I need to strive for Balance.
Balance between everything I feel I need to do and what I do.
Balance is also a great reminder for me when it comes to taking care of my body. Yoga and facials ,drinking enough water. I am trying to have a date night with my kids each one separately and trying to find a welcome balance with all the hats I wear.
This month I have set out two goals for myself. The first one is I want to try and run everyday this month. The minimum could be 2 miles but I feel like I have been putting in so many miles and I feel stronger so I would like to try and go for it. 28 days 28 runs.
The other gaol is 3 dates one with my husband and then one with Jack and one with Bella.
Then there is the creative part of me and I am working on my project life but this month I want to take a class and finish it.
I am currently Taking Ali Edwards  One little word class. I love it as I do Ali. So as I enter this month with some fun goals I will try to remember how blessed I am to be be able to run and have children and a husband who are heathy and by my side for this crazy life ride. Sending you love and Joy.

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