Saturday, May 5, 2018

What Slump

The what of what slumps ? I love . Let me say it differently I adore the happiness-magical-glitter that seems to surround me on most of my runs. I really do have a passionate affair with that feeling that comes with moving my body consistently in a running motion. My arms love the way the air feels and my legs love the stride. It really is something  I love to do...
I have noticed that sometimes that feeling gets zapped completely out of me . Its not a little zap. Its a complete oh my gosh where did my love for running go ? Then my minds tells me all these things I dont want to hear and before you know it I feel like I am going down that tunnel of insecurity and I feel like a loser.
I am in that place right now but I refuse to just sit with this feeling with out trying my hardest to get my glitter back. I do have this HUGE race coming up SD100 in less than a month.
So even though today I totally cut my run short by 15 miles and the last thing I feel like doing is getting my butt out of bed on Sunday morning at 4am to I can be in the mountains by 6:30.
I am going to do what I don't feel like doing . I am going to listen to all those positive self help sayings and I am going to show up and fake it. Will  it benefit my mood ? Will it benefit how I feel ?
I have no idea but I have to try because I hate feeling like crap. So here is to not giving up with out a fight.

Try and fail but never fail to try !!!
to be continued .....

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