Monday, May 7, 2018

Trying Training never stop moving

I kinda felt like a baby throwing a temper tantrum inside of me. I just wanted to sleep in and stay home but the idea of knowing I might be able to shift the way I was feeling by just getting up and getting out was to good to pass up. I asked my friend if he wanted to ride up with me to the mountains. This way it helped me feel accountable and my sweet friend told me I kind of felt that you needed me to come in order for you to be able to show up. Even though he ran 20 miles the day before he made the trip for me and ran another 20.
I am glad I went and yes something shifted inside of me. Even though I run a-lot the thought of a 20 something mile run in the mountains sometimes feels impossible. You know this whole being vulnerable movement and asking for help thing works. The run really helped and after 5 miles I was thanking my friend for telling me yes I will go with you. 

Some smiles are harder to come by than others. Life is about doing trying, experiencing the whole thing. 
So heres to not giving up with out a fight or a long ass run. Hoping you have a magical week.

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