Sunday, September 27, 2009

This weekend was one big Birthday celebration.

Wow ...This weekend was one big celebration..My daughter turned 15...Its hard to see your little girl grow up. I have cried a-lot this weekend..I am sad because shes growing up and next year she will be driving.That's just crazy to me..I miss the little dimples on her hands, that super special high little girl voice. She is a good girl and we have a special connection. I just love her and yup she is all grown up and she is no longer little and I just have to accept I want to share what a great present she got thanks to a nice girlfriend from my kids school....We got tickets to see Brittney Spears. How cool is that. They were crazy great tickets too..Guess who I saw at the concert..Ally and Nelli....How cool is that!!! Paola was so happy she just looked at everything in amazement and smiled all night long...She had a wonderful time and The concert was so so freaking great...It was perfect...Okay then the next day Teenage Bowling Birthday Night....midnight bowling and then Saturday night dinner for the whole family....The Whole family.....I am grateful it has passed and happy it went well ...Thank you God..
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