Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2..

I think that sounds really cool..Day two..The second day of the new year. There is so much hope in that. You can choose to start and create the year you would like...I know its a challenge but I am up for a challenge..why not...Here it is my second layout for 2010. Have you heard of the 365 layouts in a year challenge..I have but I think I am going to try the lets see how many layouts Gloria can do in a year challenge...I am not really sure if its OK to put layouts like this on here but I just keep thinking how its my blog..We cant all be totally happy all the time..Here is a little story I got up and I was tired but I got dressed in my least favorite running outfit probably because I didn't care and drove 30 minutes to meet my running buddy...It was cold and I had nothing to eat because yes I was late..OK so you get it..I didn't want to go run I just felt sad...I got there and my uncle Mike who loves me and will meet me anywhere specially if he thinks I need some company was waiting for me. He to was tired and cold..So now there's two of us..I get there and we talk about skipping the run and just going to eat. We start ..I start running ..I start of slow 10 minute miles..I just went and I think for the 6 miles we ran I ran at 9.45 and I was letting myself just feel that sadness and I understood it. Its that time in my life when I am running slower and I am sad and I know I will run faster in the future but for now this is OK..I am going through something and it shall pass and I am letting myself be OK with that. I think I accepted that feeling . I don't have to be happy all the time .I am OK were I am . There is beauty in that, it doesn't always feel like it but there is. You just cant lose faith.. Life is beautiful even when its tough just keep will pass..This picture is my picture for January's..One little word..On shutter sisters..The word for January is create..That's my Bella creating happiness, Joy and magic..everywhere we go..

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