Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Thursday to you

I hope you are having great week..this week is being good to me. I am defenatly adapting to being the only parent in my children's life. I adore my kids so that makes it easier...I have been finishing up my interior decorating and cleaning out closets so its looking pretty good. Molly is sporting her new crochet outfit..This makes me kinda laugh every time I look at her..She doesn't have to wear the hat but the little sweater is warm..What can I say its a poodle in orange clothing...its kinda of messed up but its funny stuff.. This is what I have been working on...
My lucky 13 pages...
next kit for the Pink Ninjas addicts..(good stuff)
This is what I want to try to do.
Try this cute Friday ..Self Portrait Friday ?
start a painting for Isabella room.
Try this ATM
and I start my official marathon training this Saturday...The Rock n Roll..more on this Saturday..after I run and I am all happy and excited...
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