Thursday, May 20, 2010

Congrats Mindy!!!

I was so excited to see this at Book Store...Mindy is sweetest girls ever..I met her at an art retreat in Oregon ...She was my room mate and once we started talking I knew she was an amazingly sweet girl...Then I saw her paint at one of out classes and holy cow...Her girls and little houses and her Strawberry Shortcake paintings and her little birds are so freaking amazing..She really does have the ability to bring her stuff to life on canvas...Its almost like they are getting ready to tell you something....
Your painting is on the cover of Somerset Studio....That's such an amazing accomplishment...You are so talented and I am so glad I met you....( I honestly yelled in the store when I saw this) my daughter Paola can tell you how super de duper happy I was for you...
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