Monday, May 3, 2010

Pink Ninja addicts....monday

My first layout for the month of may...with the kit.*thrift shop junkie* & *stay beautiful*...
from the wonderful amazing Pink Ninja delicious to work peanut butter frozen yogurt covered in caramel !!!!

I love this song by Orianthi....(according to you) its a complete girl song..and its not very nice but I like it...I liked it somuch that I wrote out some of the words on this layout...I used ink and my handy dandy stapler and tape and all the paper in the kit worked great because it flows in a cool way...Ohh the lace in this kit was so pretty as soon as I took it out I thought this is some sexy lace...good stuff..have a great monday..I am going to because as we all know Monday is my favorite day of the week..
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