Friday, October 1, 2010

a sneak post.

I wonder are all other runners as excited and nervous as I am..Hmmm
My dad will be here in about 3 hours to pick me and the little ones up as we set of for St George Utah. I know I am supposed to be sleeping but packing for events always freaks me out. What if I forget something.
I made a list...
I Pod
energy drink
salt packets
rubber band
mittens for 4 am ride up to the starting line
running outfit
see I am to tired to find the sunscreen and salt packets were did that come from..Ohh miss G make it simple...I will keep you posted on the events as they happen. When I get my number I will try to post it because somehow through the website you can fallow my progress..I Will figure that out. Have a great Friday and I have something scrappy to share tomorrow...mean while I should take a little nap before my dad gets here....

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