Thursday, September 16, 2010

Learn something new everyday.

back to my mini-book..I took this picture the day my kids got back from being on there summer break with there dad. This is the longest I had gone without seeing them. 5 weeks. What I learned from having them gone is how much stability they bring to my life. Yes I got more running in and biking but for the most part I felt like I was missing a big part of my body. I was very happy to have them home. I told my neighbor as soon as we got home..Would you take out picture my kids just got home!
This is a page from a catalog..It was a still day.
This was Carries Birthday ..On this day I learned to let go of how I thought people are and to enjoy who they are that day ,that moment ..I get caught up sometimes in the what I might have heard or the what might have happened. When really what matters is now...
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