Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Story of St. George.

The day started really early .I had to be on the bus at 4 a.m. I couldn't really sleep anyway but that's still early. School buses drove us to the starting line. They had a great set up waiting for us. They had coffee , hot chocolate, food ,sunscreen , warm gloves , blankets. They even had a D.J. The atmosphere was very cool..oh and people from Utah are so nice too..I got tired early on and I had a tummy ache and after thinking about it .I figured it out. My dad brought all the snacks on this trip. That included Chips and cookies and candy. I had to much junk food and my tummy was sad. The people are so nice here. I love Utah peeps. Here are some facts about today race that I thought were fun. 24 kids under 14 years old ran the race. 4 people over 80. One guy was running his 304Th marathon he was 65 years old. This marathon is in the top ten marathons in the U.S. and there was someone here from 48 states..
This is a poster Isabella made for artistic.
Here I am running at mile 22 ..Christopher took this picture. I am blowing them kisses..I was so tired and I was actually counting my steps.Yeah, I was pooped. At this point It was all mental. Yes , you can and the little engine that could were on my mind.
I did it in 3:53 minutes..8 minutes slower than what I wanted but hey I did my best and it was 7 minutes faster that my last one . So slowly but surely I will just keep trying to qualify for Boston. Its a dream of mine so I will keep dreaming..
Here's the cool medal its made out of red rock. My dad was such a huge help he watched my kids while I ran. He drove and he told me no matter what I showed up and he was proud of me. I love my dad..I had a great time and let me tell you I AM SO TIRED....
Thanks for reading,
love G
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