Friday, October 1, 2010

Your apt with Friday

Carrie and I had a fun Idea..As we all know, fun Ideas when your hanging out with your BFF have titles...So our Ideas name is Your apt with Friday. We would like to invite you to play along with us .So on Friday we will give you a photography prompt. Exciting. and easy.
Our first one is
A little fall in your step....
so what we are talking about are your favorite fall shoes. You know the ones that make you feel a little tallish and a-lot of stylish. Take a picture with your phone or camera. You can creative or just look down and shoot.

here are mine...I just love the brown and the look ..So what do we do With the photo. Carrie and I are going to do a little project and we will share it on Monday..It will be a blast to see what you come up with.Leave us a link to your blog if you want to join us ..I think it would be fun to see what we all came up with..Oh and guess what carrie made the cutest blinkie could put on your blog if you wanted to support our fun idea...Have a great fall day and at this time tomorrow I will be running a long ass way....Love to you and thanks for pretty comments.G

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