Friday, January 14, 2011

The movie I watched last night

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I watched this movie with Joe last night. I have seen it before but I think I could watch it many more times . I just love how passionate Frida was about her life. She felt it all her art is full of pain but in color witch I think just makes it so vivid and alive. One of the things I love so much is how traditionally Mexican she dressed. I love the feel of the blue houses in the movies with the yellow trim. I love the braids in her hair. Her art feels sad to me but so intense and beautiful. I think I can see a small window into what she went through by looking at her paintings. I can feel her pain. Did you know she did so many self portraits because she was alone so much that she would study herself and paint her best model...herself
If you haven't seen the movie you should go rent it. Its really good. I really like it..
Happy Weekend
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