Thursday, February 24, 2011

Did you know that's its never as bad or as scary as we imagine it to be.
Did you know that if you hang on to that sparkle of hope that's right in front of you..
Things will turn out OK. Things you never imagined you could get through
feeling and situations you thought why...why me
You can get through it.
because we are all amazing in our own way.
Beautiful in ways we cant even imagine
but the key to our letting our light shine through
The key to healing our soul
The key to coming back to that genuine smile that comes from inside
is that we must believe in ourselves.
Be our own fans
Love ourselves
talk to ourselves with self love...
On this amazing Day
Thursday Feb 24Th
Tell yourself many times how wonderful you are.
Its OK..
because you are just that
even if you cant see it right now..
trust me your perfect in your own way
we all are..

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