Sunday, February 20, 2011

The San Diego Zoo

Yesterday, while it was raining we went to the zoo.
I know hu.. The zoo in the rain how fun. I have not had my kids on a Saturday for
a while since there Dad (x husband) moved back into town.
This was my first Saturday in awhile with them. I missed whole weekends with my kids.
Paola is not in the pictures she is with her grandmother right now.
So, Isa Christopher and I got on our jackets and we headed of to the zoo in the rain.
The animals were all out. They love the rain. My kids were kinda like little crazy monkeys the whole time. We spent a good 5 hours exploring. There is not anything I would rather do now that I work than spend the whole weekend with my kids.
There excited about the Polar Bears until we see the elephants . Then its all wow mom look ..
I love the mom can you buy me this or that...
I love the no I wont. I have to say 20 times before they get it.
I know before I know it they wont want sugar straws anymore.
I loved the fact that we got rained on and had to find cover with strangers until the rain stopped. Then the sun came out for about 10 minutes and yup..There was a rainbow.
So wouldn't you know it that on the drive home both of them feel asleep.
One of them slept right into the night..
He was tired..
Isabella and I stayed up and painted..
Hope your having a good weekend and don't be afraid to get wet...
Its kinda fun !!!
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