Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh the pictures..

Hi Guys.. I got my pictures up..Yeah.. OK so this is the first time I saw my dad,
I was really happy I found him. He was going to re stock me with more water and
and it was nice to see a face I knew.
( I was happy)
Here is what everyone wants to see..Mile 26 means your almost done..
I love this picture because let me tell you that having a flattering picture of you running does not happen often..but I like this one..

Here i am with a mega ice pack on my knee. It really didn't hurt that much but ice always helps.

Here is my watch.. I burned 4440 calories..
Ran 27.78 miles
ave mile was 9.46
it took me 4:31 minutes How fun !!!!

You should totally try running if you can.
Its so much fun to find something that makes your body happy.
That feels good and is good for you.
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