Monday, June 6, 2011

A running story

My Guilty Pleasure lies in the art of running. I ran my 9Th marathon yesterday and I cant wait to show you the pictures but that will have to wait until tomorrow but for now I wanted to share my story from running yesterday...
I really did not train well for yesterdays Marathon. I have been focusing more on getting myself ready for the 50k in August so yesterdays run, well lets just say I skipped a little on the preparation part of it. I spent the night at my dad's and the truth is that I was in a sad place Saturday night. I have had a lot of life and sharing my kids stuff on my mind. So, I get to my dads and charge my watch , my I pod and then its time to set out all my nutrition..
4 GU
2 Amino Vitals
1 Pack of shot blocks
1 Salt packet
Next thing you now it 10pm and I have to go to sleep. I wake up with my dad knocking on my door..Princess wake up its time..So I actually went back to sleep for bout ten more minutes..this drives my dad crazy. When I walked out of the room the garage door was open the car was on outside with the engine running and he is standing there looking at me ..OK lets go..
He is so great. So we go..
I get my stuff and cross it of the list..
I pod
flip flops for after
sun screen
chap stick
good luck necklace
change of clothes
Then I am ready to now my dad is READY TO GO...
This year the Rock and Roll San Diego started at 6:15 am. early
There was 30thousand people running the full and the half ..Lots of peeps
So we get there around 5:20 and I go to my corral and my mind set for this run was pretty simple.. Run because you love running not because you need to have a certain time G...
I used it as a fun training run. I have to tell you I did not set a personal record but I had my best marathon run yet. Not best time, but best time running a marathon. I took my time, I had no pain and no wall. This is a true story, yesterday on my run I kinda went on the wrong course for a while. They had the full marathon people
with the half marathon people for some time then we separated some how and I and I hope I am not the only one ...anyway I went to wrong way and had to fix that which means I ran an extra mile and a half...
I know.. so me..
so back to the race ..It was a really good way for me to pay attention to my body..I need to drink lots of water. I actually really focused on when my body was thirsty. Then there was food and posture..I worked on standing up straight and eating my GU every hour. I wonder if just the whole thing came together and that's why it was fun and not a-lot of pain. I talked to lots of people and everyone was very sweet. I high five every person I saw that had there hand out. That was cool. I smiled because its good to smile. So every long run I have I usually get some Idea stuck in my head and this time it was don't push to hard. When you are good at something give yourself permission to Flow. I guess just go with the talent you have because you will get better . You will learn different things the more you practice and even though you may not be setting a personal record every time its not about that. Its about good quality time spending doing what you love. Its not about winning..(i will never win a race or even place) its about doing what I love and making a point to learn a little bit from each experience..Its about never giving up on yourself.
My mantra this run was..
every wall has a door..
Happy Monday

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