Wednesday, July 6, 2011

another running story...

Hi there...Sorry Its been a while. I have been hanging out with my kids and working and running.. I did have a nice three day weekend. I only have 2 of my 3 kids my heart misses my little girl. The weekend was nice but I miss my Isa.  I had a totally I would call it  character building run this Saturday.(This picture was taken right after) We ran or let me fix that I ran about 20 miles around Lake Hodges. Everyone else ran 22.. I got a little lost.OK, so I was born directionless.. I can get lost in a parking lot , oh wait I have. I know... you might think its beacuse I dont pay attention but I pay attention and get lost ...I cry because I get so frustrated with myself but crying helps no one..So I walk around until I find my way..So back to my story..Lake Hodges is a great run I can see that. Its all trail so its great training for the 50k I have coming up in August. I have to tell you that we were there by 6:30am so we could get started as soon as possible because of the heat..We should of been there at got hot quickly
So I also started running with camel back and I dont do great with new stuff it takes me a while to get used to before I started running my head was in the wrong place..My complaining gremlins were all awake...So I started of slow and I think by mile 4.78 I started to feel good. So there I went just doing my thing...There is a place around lake Hodges that I should not run alone because I will get lost..and I did just that...I got lost..So now its Mile 14 and I am lost and its 90 degrees outside..
That's when you have to practice really good self talk.. Its also when you realize what you really need is water. Some how after running a really long distance in the heat knowing you still  have about an hour to go you must simplify your brain.. I tell myself that yes I can make it back and that this is fun (when its not) but I know I need to believe this because I am choosing to enjoy the next hour not let it tear me down.  So I find my way back after asking 3 total strangers ...excuse me sir...How do I get back to the bridge that's next to the freeway...Oh its over that hill....Thank you I say...Now, don't criticize me...because I am being totally honest OK.. Here's my brain..Does he mean go over the hill or go around it...because if I go around it I might get lost again but if I go up and down I should be fine...

Yeah...not so much....I eventually just kept moving and found my way out.I chose to go up and down the hill..It was kind of funny because I am by myself at this point and somehow I found the road but when I did I was coming out of the side of some hill onto the road and I am sure people driving by were like OK...someone got lost.. It was not that bad I guess...and there were some people running so I knew I would be OK...So now I start running back and yes I ran out of water and I wanted to cry because I was hot but I was still moving and just loving that I could be out I think thats what happens to my brain I get alittle confused.....I kept looking around and I just felt really grateful that I love to run.(while I am so so hot).I think at some points when you run its a religious experience...One thing is I am never alone or really lost.. God is there with me.. He is that voice that gives me that excitement I need to keep going right. I think its actually pretty cool when I picture him running next to me.. Yes, I totally picture him with a Beard. 
back to the story...We all finished the run..We all ran out of water ..We were all spent but  we all would do it again..Heck Yes !!!!.So what I learned is that which does not kill you only makes you stronger..
my self confidence is building and thanks to runs like last Saturdays it will continue to build...
Have a great day...and I know its hot but try to go outside today..Its good for you !!!
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