Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The running continues..

San Diego has had beautiful weather this week... So I hope I don't bore you with my running stories but it's the excitement in my life right now. Sunday was my long run day because Saturday I was not feeling so amazing. My dad went on a 4 week vacation and this was our first run together in over a month. I have to tell you I really love running with my dad. He is such good company.  He is all over the place and I love that about him. We met up at  Shelter Island at 8:30 am which is late but that's OK since I don't think either of us minded sleeping in a bit.  I told him I needed to run at least 3 hours because that's what the app on my phone said to do.  So he figured a way that we would take the same route and he could walk some of it and he took some short cuts.  He ended up running 13 miles and walking 2.
We ran by this lady flying in her jet pack.. There was a boat show going on and she was part of the entertainment..This looks like so much fun. There is so much to see when you run along the coast.  I really like that I am never alone there is always another runner near by. I love looking at the water and the boats and a lady in a jet pack.  How cool is that??  If you were running along side my dad and I you would hear this a-lot.         Wait dad..I need to take a picture!!!!

Like always my dad was really proud of me.. Way to go princess he tells me.. I have to tell you that I did fine running this weekend.  Like I have said before I am not fast and I am not trying to beat anyone I am simply in love with running and I want to share that with all of you. I did start carrying a back pack for hydration and its made a huge difference.. now I drink 70 ounces of GU brew about every 2 hours and I am so happy because before I wouldn't drink any water..( so dumb) Dehydration is one of the reasons I ended up in the hospital.  I don't ever want to get sick like that again so I am drinking fluids and lots of them and I feel so much better.  I almost wish I could wear my back pack all day long just so I would drink more water throughout the day. 

Only about 5 weeks left until my first 50k..31miles..I am really excited maybe because I am looking forward to the whole experience.  
Have a great day .
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