Sunday, September 11, 2011

My grams....

Life often hands us situations that just hurt. Like seeing someone we love in pain, or losing someone we adore.  I recently lost one of the if not the most beautiful giving soul that ever loved me. I am sitting here thinking or maybe knowing that my priorities were not what they should have been when she was here.  I should of spent more time with her.
 I want to share a story with you.... When I was born my grandmother was 51. My mom met my dad and shortly after that they were married and shortly after that I was in her belly.. My mom never had a mom ( she left when my mom was 3) she was raised by her older sisters. She was the baby. When my mother married my dad my grandmother hoped that they would move in with her and they did. She would tell me stories about how great it was to be able to take care of her while she was making me in her belly. My mom tells me the same thing.My mom also would tell me that it wasn't until she moved into my grandmothers house would she know what a mothers love felt like.She also tells me that she just adored my grandmother..So a couple months later I was born and my grandmother was in hospital with my mom during her labor..My mom told me that M grandmother was the first person to hold me. She also told me that that when I went home I slept mostly with my grandmother so that my mom could recover. So since the day I was born my grandmother has loved me. How lucky am I ? 
My Grandmother had the most beautiful soul . Honestly everyone she came across she took in. She fed you made sure you were comfortable. She took you into her heart and you know when you met someone who genuinely does that how great it feels..My grandmother had that gift. She brought you into her heart..can you imagine how cool that is to see your friends feel that love. That when they met her they would tell you..Your grandmother is loving. That's what she was love.. She also had the best relationship with God. She had this faith that just glowed. I Know there is a God because of her. She was one of his Angels. She was here to set an example to all of us ..She was good, honest ,loving ,caring, giving, humble,talented , funny, genuine, beautiful and loving..The world needs lots of people like her..She is the most beautiful soul and I know that when its my time I am so looking forward to seeing her again.  
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