Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little Mexican Village

I am passionate about how much I love the colors that Hispanics use to paint their art. I love the brightness of the art. They make me smile. Not to long ago I was invited to my moms friends ranch in Ensenada, Mexico for a surprise birthday party.  The entire ranch was bright pink and bright yellow. The decorations included bright colored turtles and day of the dead skeletons, that look to be having a great time. Every were I looked there was color.  I remember thinking oh my I love this!!!!  Living in San Diego I forget how attracted I am to Hispanic Art.  Once I see it I love it all over again.
The other day I googled Mexican art and came across so many pieces of work that reminded me of the happy Mexican village I saw.  I just loved it. I  don't know the name of the artist that inspired me but I painted my own rendition of the village I saw. 

This is it..The sweet little village.

I added some glitter because every little village in my head has glitter in the sky.

Once while walking down a street in Cabo San Lucas there was a man selling lots of sandals just like the ones on these little key chains.  The man had made the sandals by hand.  I remember all the bright colors he used.  I regret not buying a pair for myself.  I would have chosen the orange ones.. I am in love with all the bright colors... so pretty
Have a colorful day
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