Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back from Minnesota

I was here this past weekend. I had an amazing time.

The Flaming Lips crowd surfing.

Me just standing there taking it all in.

Minnesota ..I am coming back next year.

Loving relaxing on the grass just listening and having a cold beer.

I was loving her hair..She has my favorite nail polish color in there.

Listening to my favorite band in the world live.
Dave Mathews & Tim Reynolds
I had a bad ass weekend.. Full of so many things that makes me happy. Live music and cold beer. Great people watching. Relaxing, good food and lots of laughing and dancing dancing and more dancing.. I am sharing with you  some of my favorite pictures that I took with my camera.. I will share some of my phone pictures later. I am putting a post together about the bands I really liked. I definitely discovered a new favorite. There is something about listing to Dave Mathews, playing a live venue,  that makes me super duper happy..  Especially when I have enough room to dance my little heart out.  I hope you had a great weekend...  I will have lots to share this week.

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