Friday, June 29, 2012

River's Edge Music Festival

This will be my last post about last weekend. I know it's kind of overkill but hey that's me. Let me start by saying, in my book, Live Music is right up there with Godliness.  I am debating whether I can afford to go to Coachella next year or if I am going back to Minnesota.  As much as I love new experiences... IF I can pull it off I will attend Coachella...  If not Minnesota here I come.
Here is a list of my Favorite Band from River's Edge Music Festival in St. Paul, Minnesota.
1. Dave Mathews
2.Hey Rosseta  
3. K.flay            
4. Motion City Soundtrack
Thank you for reading my blog this week and hanging in there with me. I'll have lots of cute smash book layouts to share with you next week.  I also made the purse I am holding in the picture above.  I will tell you all about that and what NOT to do when making a purse. Lastly I have lots of running stories for you...

Have a great weekend

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