Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Running Story

Here I am running during the San Diego Half and yes I am happy.
Can you tell? I just saw a good friend who happen to snap this picture.  It is funny to me that running makes me so happy despite the fact that I have to consistently work at it.  No different than relationships or a job...  I am far from being a great runner.  Although I did finnish 17th in my class on July 4th, Yeah ME!!! I love the social aspect of running as well.  Whenever I attend a race or a group run, I am very friendly.  Always sure to extend a warm hello or good luck wish to all I see or meet.  I don't feel I am a competitive person.  Well with the exception of my dad. Even then I am not upset if, on the rare occasion, he should happen to beat me... I am congratulatory and tell him he ran a good race, you beat me...  Last week I was at a race, with my dad, and I saw a lady I know.  She proceeded to tell me that we are running in some of the same race.  One in particular is only a couple weeks away.  I was like great I look forward to seeing you there.  She went on to say "Gloria I ran that race last year and I won it."  I was excited for her and congratulated her on the victory.  She then stated how hard the race was and and due to the heat lots of people dropped out.  I politely listened but in the bak of my mind I was thinking... Lady are you trying to psyche me out?  Trust me I am not trying to win the race I just want to finish and have fun.  I am attending the event because I love this sport and hello the cool medal...but I didn't say that instead I nodded and told her OK I'll see you in two weeks and I walked away... So here is what I learned from that interaction...
Negative yucky people suck!!!
Winning a race has never entered my mind.  I am a participant of running races, I am amazed at what the human body can do and always think, wow that person won...  I often ask the winners if I can take my picture with them... Yes, I am that girl... Believe me everything that woman said stayed with me... She intimidated me and t worked.  I have been thinking holy cow can I run this race? Will I  able to finish it? Will it be to hard for me? It's so dumb on my part. It's a half marathon... I have run lots of 1/2's.  I can do this.  I can run this race.  She is dumping on my to make herself feel better, that is seriously messed up...   The sad part is she was feeding my own self doudt and insecurities.. Next thing I know...ahhhhh..its alive!!!!
I learned so much from this interaction.. I learned that I would never psyche another person out.. Build up don't break down... This includes telling myself good things.. Killing the insecurity monster with in...  Let me leave you with this thought...  be nice to one another.  Everybody is fighting their own battle there is no need to pile on... I want people I know to be happy and do well. I am a lover not a fighter.
P.s. To her I say!!!
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