Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tijuana Half Marathon

The Tijuana Half marathon was perfect. I first heard about the half marathon from an acquaintance at my Monday night run. I tried to find information online but there was nothing posted.  After several emails and a couple of calls I was able to find someone who gave me the email of the event coordinator. The director of the event gave me all the information I needed to sign my dad and I up for the race.  Upon signing up I had to set up a meeting to pay the entrance fee and pick up our bibs.  So get this... as soon as we see the guy my dad says "I know him, I read about him in the news paper..."  The guys name is Hector la Flecha and he was recently written up in the San Diego Union Tribune.  He has competed in and  won several marathons and half marathons that my dad and I have raced in. For example:
The A.F.C
San Diegito
The La Jolla 
and he recently won the masters at the 
San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon
The guy is so Cool..
So here we are totally excited, I felt like we met a movie star.

As you know I ran a 1/2 marathon on Saturday in Julian, CA so,  after a long nap, I drove to my dads. We had to be up at 4AM and at the border by 5:00. From there we took a bus across to the Starting line and by 6:30am we where running.  I am not sure if you know this but I was born in Tijuana Mexico.  I was running on the streets my mom and I used to walk when I was little girl.  I also ran by the apartment I lived in with my late Husband. The though of him made me sad but at the same time I talked to Roger (my late husband) and knew he was watching over me and cheering me on.  I could hear him saying... "Hey skinny what are you doing?" and just shaking his head.  It was not an easy run and I say that because I was tight and my legs were tired from the day before.  It was also hazy, hot and humid...  Despite the fact a ran a grueling race the day before I finished a respectable 2:03.  I was happy with that. They did a really nice job putting this race together. The streets were so clean and they prepared really well for this race.  I also saw lots of people from all over the world.. Tons of Kenyans, people from Colorado, Canada, Oregon and even Florida. They awarded lots of prize money and big prizes brings out big crowds.  Their award ceremony was so cool... One participant even won a new car.  In case you can't tell my dad and I had a great Weekend...

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