Friday, April 5, 2013

Day Four

Day four..
Isabella spends the nights painting on paper bags. Here she painted the house our our old house. 
We definitely got of to late start but we are vacation so I just have to remind myself that its OK not to be out the door with three kids by 8am. We had breakfast in our room and then went for a really nice hike. We sat at the park and just talked and I think my favorite part of our trip is becoming listening to my kids talk to each other. They are all getting along. Paola and Christopher joke and then they explain to Isa what they are talking about. Its entertaining.

Our first stop for Lunch was Mountain Sun. We played the game Apple witch is easy to play with kids and it goes fast so I recommend it for sure. The kids had burgers and they are so yummy. I had a steak salad and they have this wonderful berry tea that I is also really good. Mountain Sun is a brewery but we skipped the beer .

Here we are .. 
 Here we are..

We went to our friends house to have dinner last night .Tammy made this amazing dinner for us .. I met Tammy when I first moved her 2001. Tammy and I hit it off right away and she has 4 kids and I liked hanging out with her and her family. I have not seen her in about 4 years so I was excited to sit and chat with her. Our kids hit it off again and when it was time to go all I heard was can we please stay here that. We will be leaving tomorrow :( but the great thing is I know we will be back soon.

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