Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day two and we have arrived

I am feeling a little bit like a Rock Star in this picture. So far so good. I still like my kids they still like me and everyone is happy.  The fancy hotel (not) we stayed at was great. The beds where super comfy and it was clean all good things. I tried to get us of to an early start and I was a little successful. 

Early on we made to Utah and I really do love Utah. My first Art Retreat was in Utah and I was so impressed at how sweet all the woman treated each other and me. I also ran the St. George Marathon my fastest ever. The people just went out of there way to make that race so special. I will never forget how much fun my kids had.. The race was amazing the land is just so colorful and beautiful. I just fell in love with this state.
The kids got pretty hungry and they all wanted Panda Express.. So we stopped and had lunch there..Bella loved her fortune cookie. Look mama its really coming true.

you know what they say the best fortunes come from Panda Express..along with 300 grams of sodium.

Here we are..
Christopher is 11
Bella is 10
Paola 18
mom 40
Its a little weird when your daughter is as tall as you..  I have to say that I was happy surprised when Paola decided to join us. I really was not sure she would want to be with us this long but she did and she is here. You know when your 18 your friends are very important and I truly remember being 18 so I was happy she chose to hang 5 days w her mom and her little brother and sister. She also brought all her music so between the both of us we sang our hearts out.. 

Even though you drive for hours I still am just amazed at how beautiful they sky is and the land is. The color is so blue and I just love the feeling of driving with my babes talking and laughing looking out the window and feeling the fresh air in my hair. ( I think thats a song)

I was happy to be able to say we are almost there..It took me about 22 hours after stopping many times for many things. 

We made it to Boulder Colorado. I am letting them sleep in until 10 am. Then we are of to hike the mountains..

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