Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 1 of celebrating Christopher

Hi..I missed my little blog. My birthday has passed and for this I am grateful .. I do not really like my birthday. I know people are supposed to love that day but it just makes me feel a little anxious and for some reason sad. I do not feel sad because I am older. I do not really care about my age. I get very meloncholy on this day and sappy yuck....but I am really happy to say that my son has his birthday 4 days after mine and I try to make that as special as possible. I have him all week (YES) so when I picked him up from school I told him we are starting a week long celebration of your birthday today !!

So I started our week long celebration with Ice Cream ...
SUBZERO crazy good stuff
fallowed by

What a movie on a school night...Yes
I made sure we would have enough time to get school work done.
but I think it was the first time we did a movie on a school night. It was exciting to do something out of the norm.. Christopher has been asking me to take him to see this movie and it was really good. Great dresses and hats and the it felt so Hollywood and fancy. I loved the movie and I feel we had an amazing day 1 of celebrating my little boy..

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