Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Monday

Happy Memorial Day to you. I am sitting in my living room with my coffee as my kids are sound asleep. I am just thinking about the fact that I will be moving shortly. In 25 days we will be in our new house that we just bought. I thought buying a house would feel so comforting but for some reason renting just seems like an easier task. I guess I always took for granted how easy  moving was in my past life. Someone else took care of all the paper work I took care of the house, this time I am much more involved and its  a-lot scarier than I imagined.  Being an adult brings so much responsibility . Our new house is about 1 mile from my moms house and my dads house. That brings me peace because I am close by. The coolest thing about this house is the back yard. Its huge and the neighbors behind our house have horses and Bella loves horses. It has a pool and a vegetable garden. I feel the most at peace and grounded when I am outside. The house is small but thats ok I have to much stuff anyway and I do believe that less is more. The kitchen is green and very 50s but in a cute way. It  reminds me of a doll house. I never thought we would get this house but the original buyers fell through and here we are. I hope I never move again after this. Here is the one good thing about getting a divorce ..You have to give the other person half so this time around it should be way easier. I only have half the stuff I used to have..
I started this painting yesterday.. I read this somewhere what do you want to paint? What do you want to see in your paintings. At this very moment I feel very pregnant and mommy. I feel like all I want is to be a good mom. Im sure it has to do with being 6 months pregnant but I feel very protective of my children. I wanted to paint something that represented all of the thoughts that are swimming in my head. Our new house the new baby and me trying my best to be a good mommy. So here it is...

There little initials are in each of the hearts.
Together in our home. I honestly hope that I can always have a safe and happy home for them . I can only imagine we all want that for our kids. I am thinking that when I move in but not before I will write our new address around the canvas. This is going up in the new house. Im learning to accept with a smile all the wonderful things that seem to happen on my journey but what I am most grateful for is that I get to walk with journey with my kiddos. I adore being there mom.
Happy Memorial Day and be safe.

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