Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sharing Memorial Day

Hi guys.. I have been reading my new book and spending time with people I love. I have been tired and so I have been sneaking in as many naps as I can. I wanted to share a couple pictures from my families memorial day. I feel really lucky to have a big family . I fought my entire childhood to prove to myself that I was worth keeping. (Its a long story..) The last two years I have finally felt like all those feelings have somehow just faded and thats because I have grown into my family. I have somehow learned to accept that I am worthy and that even though I am not perfect I am enough. Its weird how time is teaching me how grateful I need to be. I look at my mom different and I look at my nephews and nieces with such amazement. Ok so maybe I am nesting. I do think that for me having kids of all ages has for sure taught me that it goes by so fast since I am choosing to spend most of the time with my mom and taking care of my sister my family has become the center of my heart. ( the picture above is me on the left and my sister in law on the right.)

So my family and I spent the day at the bay. Its so perfect how little kids can be happy all day playing with a water bottle. It shows how its the little things.

My mom has 12 grandkids. They range from 3 to 18. This is my nephew..Its kinda crazy how my little brother has a 15 year old son. The weather was perfect in San Diego this is my nephew paddle boarding. Next year I will be in the water I am just to big right now. Did you see the picture of me up above. BIG comes to mind.

Don't you love this picture..My dad and my nieces..

Here you go.. This is my son playing frisbee.. I hope you like my pictures from this past monday. Have a wonderful day and I will be back.

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