Saturday, May 25, 2013

What you seek..

Morning.. Happy Saturday.. I am really excited about today. My dad is on his way over and we are going to Knotts Berry Farm. I cant really go on the fast rides but I can still enjoy myself. I got a new book yesterday and I have running on my mind. I miss it so much. I signed up for a couple halves last year and that fact that they are payed for is a great way to get myself motivated to start running.  The feeling I miss the most about running is when you start your run and your a little cold but your body is warming up and its really early so it feels like there is no one else out there. Love that feeling.  

Next year I hope to have many post that include doing what makes me the happiest.. Do you know what makes you super happy ? Sometimes its right in front of us we just have to see it accept and go with it. Have a great Saturday..
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