Friday, May 24, 2013

She Looks so Serious..

She looks so serious don't you think. I was feeling serious and  wishing I had a fox by my side all the time. If I could create my own world I would love to have him by my side as my companion all the time. My son asked me what my spirit animal was and I told him I was not sure but I thought a fox or an owl..He mama you spirit animal is a bird ..What kind of bird I asked him and he told me the kind that flies over me all the time to make sure I am OK.
I told him that sounded perfect. I love the cute conversations that come from something I painted. I added little flowers on her head  I think they make her look like royalty..I hope you are having a happy Friday. I am feeling really good lately. I am not to tired and that is a huge plus. 

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