Wednesday, July 3, 2013

OH July

I find it crazy to think its already July.
I am feeling pretty big over here. I am more tired than usual and feeling very ready to have this baby. I forgot about how much fun the last couple of weeks are (not) of being pregnant. I feel like I want to get so much done but I can't move as well as I would like. Its also pretty warm in my neck of woods and that also makes it yucky.. I have been thinking a-lot about how much happiness running brings to my life and how much I miss it. It helps me smile longer.  I find that when I run I can smile all day long.. It helps me feel grateful for the little things.. I feel like running any distance over 8 miles helps me completely clear my head. Its like taking a q tip and cleaning out all the nagging spider webs in my brain. I miss being able to move my body and having that flow. I feel that the things we love to do that have ritual almost become like a dance. Getting ready to run and getting the things you need to help you go the distance are like four play . Getting ready to paint and getting your tools ready and having the perfect moment in mind that brought you the inspiration that's carrying you through to that painting that's like four play. Passion is so important and making time to do what you love is equally important. Obsessing about those things and planning are such a great part of life. Keeping journals about how they make you feel just add to the love you have for that feeling. I think today I will write all about my love affair that I miss so much.. The best part is knowing that its just a matter of time before I can put my shoes on and go for a run.. 

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