Friday, September 13, 2013

A week in the life.. Wednesday

Our morning drive to school takes about 45 minutes. Its better than an hour drive right ? I have to share that this drive is one of my favorite things to do because what we do it sing and dance. This wednesday it all about MC Hammer. We put on Pandora and jammed all the way to school. I love this because we laugh and I just feel when they get to school they must feel relaxed and happy. Baby Jack slept through the while jam session in the Prius.

Then I came home made a quick breakfast and even though it seems boring it was back to watching and loving my baby boy.

Do I look tired ? I am and was..but then I look at my little man and next thing you know half the day is gone and its off to pivk them up and

today was after school treat time. Frozen Yogurt with lots of extras.

We took a walk around town and I felt so happy to be outside. I just wanted to fly into clouds..I took the baby in a stroller for the first time today too. I also know we cant be out to long because we have homework and a long drive home..

For dinner we had Hawaiian food..Then it was bed time .. I guess life is simple when you have a new born. I like it. I could a we bit more sleep..

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