Thursday, August 14, 2014

I find this to be true

Amen to this. I have have a tough time recovering from Sundays run. My quads and well my legs just hurt. They hurt going up the stairs and when I just move them. I am super sore. So I am taking it easy and doing some short runs because you know wheat they say.. A short run is better than no run. 

the first mile is always the hardest. Then you just have to keep moving slowly and after about 20 minutes things start to feel good. I find this to be very true..Baby steps lead to bigger steps. Even when my legs hurt like today I still find myself loving the motion. The motion of my arms moving and legs . I love that feeling when your moving and air does not matter how fast or slow you are its a body in motion there is noting like it. I have a big weekend ahead of me . I am excited to share it with you soon. DO you have plans for the weekend ? Are they running plans ? 

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