Monday, August 18, 2014

My AFC Half Marathon Review

My alarm went of at 4 am. their was the second day in row that I was up at 4 am and yes initially I was thinking 5 more minutes right ? but them I sat up and made my way out of my bedroom because I didn't want to wake anyone up and proceeded to get ready in my kids bathroom. I knew I had to be in the car no later than 5am . I did my usual routine. Toast with peanut butter a large cup of coffee and water. I probably should of done it faster but oh well. I left my house at 5:10 and I knew I had a 45 minute drive to the buses. I don't speed when I drive because I just don't. So I just drove down and I do have good parking mojo and luckily I had it with me Sunday too because I found parking easily and I ran about half a mile to the buses and got on the second to last bus. Once on the bus everything was fine. I let all that driving stress go and started to think about the race. My biggest fear was what if my legs are to tired to run today. I told myself I would run at whatever pace felt good and i would push myself to much. You have to push a little ..

This was my 6th AFC half so it was nice to be back with familiar surroundings of a race I knew. The views in Point Loma are amazing and it was getting warm but nothing like the Tijuana marathon so it was ok by me. There was 8000 people running and even though I knew a lot of people running I didn't see familiar faces.. I met some new people and thats always fun. I do love all the cool running outfits that runners put together for the big day. The starting line of a race is great people watching for sure. 

I could not find my arm band for  my phone in the morning so I had to use my super cheap one. So I could take pictures while I was running :(  The race started at 7:30 Its really hard at this race to make your way through the crowd. There was a lot of runners in a small space. I just did what I could and my legs surprisingly felt fine.  I kept waiting for them to feel tired but they were fine. It was really and humid. Whats up with the humidity in san diego lately.. I was hair was completely soaked . My clothes was drenched it was a wet run. I feel like I was not hating life because of the heat it was just another thing to adjust too. The race went by quickly. I saw a sweet friend along the way and she took my picture. I was excited because I felt like I am growing as a runner and I am slowly but surely getting stronger I was 38 miles in two days and I was fine. When I crossed the finish line my dad was there…I love my dad. He is always there..

The AFC always has huge heavy medals. There very nice.

Then later looked who showed up. Its my little man and my not so little but still little to me daughter. I don't care what the distance its always nice to have loved ones show up for you. There is nothing better than seeing theses faces...

The gang. Life is better when you get to share what your passionate about with the ones you love. 

My finishing time was 2:07 and I am happy with that. Here is Jack eating my medal. See medal can be used as other things too. Here is what I learned from last week. I have to take my nutrition more seriously . I need to go bed early . ( its 11:30 and I am typing this ) I need to stretch more. This week there will be less running because someone is turning 1 and we have family coming in town . Just between you and me my body needs to rest. Its telling me it needs to run less this week..
Hope you have some happy miles ahead of you this week.

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