Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tourist Stuff

While we were in the Bay Area we got to tour Facebook. Mike used to work there so his friend showed us around.(nice guy) I was excited to see this place but Christopher was crazy excited to see it. It was very high tech college like. I was seriously impressed. We toured the grounds and got to go the sweet shop. Oh my gosh so so good.

It did not take long to view what we could but it was well worth the trip.

We also got to see Instagram. That was very cool with all there vintage cameras. It looked like a nice place to work.

but if you ask Jack and if he would speak he would tell you the best part was the gift shop . That's were he got his cute Facebook fox..It was nice to get to do something besides the race. I was so sore walking around but hey how many times do you get to tour a place like this.

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