Sunday, October 5, 2014

Its almost here

Hi  guys… See my smile I got to run both Saturday and Sunday. Lucky me.
I am nervous and excited because by this time next week I will have completed my first 50 miler…Yes completed because this girl is not ever giving up. I leave on Thursday and go get my bib Friday and Saturday morning I will running…I am running the Dick Collins 50 miler in San Francisco. I don't want to over think it . I did my training and feel ready so my thoughts are on my clothes, my nutrition and having fun. I want to have a good time and I want to do well . but wait…...
Holy cow please don't let me get lost that is what I really don't want to do … I would rather get sick or whatever else I just don't want to get lost. So there you go. I am really excited mostly because I have been dreaming about running this distance forever and who would of thought that 1 year after giving birth to my son and at the age of 42 I would finally get the opportunity to train and do this. I will keep you posted. Whats your next race ???

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