Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Touring my town and some thoughts

I had a huge urge to get out of the house today so while my older kids were in school jack and I went to Balboa Park. I couldn't take my big camera because when your baby boy is mobile you have to pay lots of attention. I really like Balboa Park because its not easy to find a place that has lots of trees and lots of green grass around here. So we ran around from one end of the park to the other.

There is also a green house and they had so many pretty flowers in bloom. Jack walked so much today. I think its the most he has walked in one day. 

So yes this little boy owns my heart. We had fun and he just kept walking and walking. So tomorrow we will be going on a plane and Jack is going to his first 50 miler … I am excited and feeling quiet all at the same time. Half of me thinks I am crazy and the other half is super excited for the run itself. I get to run all day Saturday and I love running. That makes me happy and leaves me feeling like I have a cheat day. I call days like my Birthday cheat days. A whole day just for me. A cheat / Gloria day. Then I think about the fact that its a race and that carries expectations. So I am just going to think about it like fun 50 mile run day. I am getting all my stuff ready right now… I need like 10 Gels and I need to pack my first drop bag ever…
Life is exciting over here a trip to the park with her baby by day and off to run a crazy distance on the weekend. I love this great gift of having our own life and making our own adventures. I am taking it all in the nerves and the stillness and the butterflies in my tummy. I will keep you posted.

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