Friday, October 10, 2014

San Jose day 1

We arrived in San Jose around 9 pm last night. Jack cried on the plane and that was so stressful mostly because it was that pain cry. His ears must of really hurt him. Its always hard when babies cry but when its your baby its so difficult. If you see a mom with a crying baby on a plane be extra nice to her I am sure she feels really stressed. We got to our hotel and all went straight to bed. Today was amazing . I reconnected with a very old friend on Face book recently. We were best friends 25 years ago. That is crazy hu !  Let me say that when I love when your my best friend I treat you like gold.
We wrote notes and letters we sat up in bed late at night and talked about what we wanted to be when we grew up. We shared our deepest secrets and I was able to tell her about how much I missed my real mom. You know we did each others nails and she french braided my hair. She was always really smart and I admired her so much. While I was acting crazy she was very settling.
OK,  so I saw her today !!!!!!! I wanted to cry but I held back . I feel like there is this huge gap of time that passed but really its just us. This is not the best picture of us but its the most focused one. We caught up on life. It was good. I feel like I had a huge cup of a sweet chamomile tea for my heart. Its moments like these that make all the bad stuff just go away. Moments like today are heart healing..So now that I am all warm and happy inside..

                                                   Lets Run !!!!
My big run is in the morning. My second ultra my first 50 miler. I have ways wanted to run this distance . Ok not always but for 6 years. I have wanted this and now its here. I will keep you posted ..
EEEEKKKK here goes peeps. I am really grateful for today . Happy Trails friends. 
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