Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ramblings from my brain

Did you watch the movie I posted below ? You totally should its so great. I have been over here in my little corner of the world planning what races I would like to run next year and what I would like to do different. Do you remember your first 5k 10k or marathon , half marathon. I know that when I started running I loved all my first for many reasons but the biggest one was the experience. The not knowing what you are going to experience but choosing what ever it was going to be it was going to be good.  I love knowing I have the capacity to make the next one better. This year I had my first 42 mile run on my birthday and my first 50 mile run. I learned a lot about running and myself. I learned I need to work harder and smarter during my runs. I also learned I am afraid a lot of stuff . I am  overcoming lots of that now that I am actually aware of it.
 This has been a fun year for me. I sometimes feel a little crazy about how much I love things. How much I love my kids and how much I love making there beds so when they get home they can see there room all clean. I love it. How much I love running with Jack and alone. How good it feels to just go. How good it feel to lay on the grass at the park and just look at the sky . I don't want to take any of it for granted I want to be here in my house with my family cooking and I want to get up early and run. I feel like that's my I want it all.. Jack and I are planning another hiking adventure fir this Thursday. I made him a cute beanie and I bought him some gloves. Poor baby his hands were freezing last week. I got him a little North Face so we should be golden for this week. Do you have any mini adventures planned for this week ?

Have a bright day and may your day be filled with lots of sunlight.
Happy miles.

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