Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A hiking date with Jack

Today I was able to run away with Jack into the mountains for a couple hours. We went on a hike. I think I get way more excited than Jack does that is for sure. I decided not to drive to far from home because my kid hates the car seat. It was a good day to hike here in San Diego. A little overcast and not to hot. 

I really do feel a crazy urge to go outside for as long as I can and run around or hike or whatever I just need to feel the air. Jack does not complain he is ready and willing to let me carry him. The kid is heavy or maybe the pack is ?? He amuses himself by pulling on my hair. Pulling my hat off or grabbing my glasses. Its all ok with me as long as we are both amused.

After an hour I let him out to play for a bit. He walked around this wall for about 20 minutes and I fallowed him. I love watching him explore. His word right now is WOW !!! He sees a bug he says wow . He loved looking at this stone wall and the pictures on murals. I run by this wall often on Saturday mornings but now I will forever think of it as Jacks wall. He looks so small standing there.

Everyday I am so grateful to have kids. I think maybe because my older kids are all in school and  so I had forgotten how amazing it is to see life though a little persons eyes. It has been 10 years since I had a little person.  He also loves airplanes. This is us watching them fly by. We walked for about 8 miles I think . I was trying to figure it out but I think that's about right. My back says it was way more than that. 

I used to think a-lot of stupid stuff like I can't take him alone in the pack its to heavy. Dumb assumption I can carry it. I used to think I can't go out there alone I will get lost. Not true either.. I am smart girl and with Jack on my back getting lost is not an option. I love this growing up thing and finally understanding that  all those insecurities I had I don't need anymore.. Life is to short and going by way to fast for me to put any energy into the stupid thoughts or dumb assumptions … 

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