Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day two at running camp

Here we are day two. It was a Hoka fest down there by our feet. 

Today's adventure was running the double Dipsea.  Let me just start by telling you this was the most amount of stairs I have ever ran. So we ran from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach. 

The best part is knowing this is a whole new playground. I have never been here and everything is new so I just took it all in and took my time.  The stairs also helped me take my time but it was so beautiful .

It was mostly foggy and cold and yes that is  perfect running weather. So we all split up and I am really grateful Kathleen waited for me because I would still be lost. It was a hard trail and I suck at directions so there you go and unlike other retreats or when I run back home with my group here no one waited for you. So I got lucky that Kathleen did. Unfortunately lots of girls got lost I went into this thinking some one who knew what they where doing would look out for us but no one did.  The first half we fallowed people who knew but the second half we where all on our own. The people who knew what they where doing ditched us. 

Have you ever had that feeling in your stomach that tells you I hope you payed attention on the way out here because if you did not we are kinda screwed ? that's what I felt. So did the other girls.

Once we made it to Stinson Beach we decided to take our time and ask for directions at every turn. So we stopped people and got to chat and we eventually made it back . I still find it hard to believe we where left to figure this out on our own.

It was so beautiful . Huge Redwood trees and then the ocean all in one day. The trail itself was challenging and that makes it more fun. You have to make the best of your circumstances. so we did.

So here we are after 20 good long  challenging miles. All smiles. Here's what I really loved from this run. At one point Kathleen and I ran up this trail to find the some ladder people told us about. The feeling of being a little girl with no cares in the world just running happened. I love that feeling. Random question but is there a feeling you get when your out there that you just love ? that's mine. Pure Bliss 
So besides being ditched by our camp director we made it. No one said anything either because we are all to nice. ( I would not go back )

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